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Farina Pasta Bar

Farina Pasta Bar is a pasta bar takeout restaurant located in Bangkok, Thailand. Although they have in-house seating, they cater mainly to office workers and Lineman/Grab Delivery clients. They aim to provide quality and fresh pasta at affordable prices. They value high quality, customization, and convenience to maximize customer satisfaction. Their main goal is to provide all sorts of fresh pastabilities wherever and whenever.


I was tasked to create brand identity deliverables such as a logo icon, uniform design color scheme, font families, business and loyalty cards, package designs, menus, and a week's worth of social media posts. Through the assets, the client aimed to capture the aesthetic of high-quality food while preserving its inclusive approach toward its customers. 


I bridged the desired high-end aesthetic with their values of inclusivity by coupling an elegant color scheme, icon, and logo with playful visual elements and image composition.

Brand Identity

Content Creation