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Araw is a fictional fashion and design magazine that focuses on emerging trends and innovative concepts. Its articles focus on the inspiring stories of individuals and small businesses who pave the way for creative and sustainable design within their communities. The word "araw" comes from the Tagalog language, meaning sun, day, and every day (araw-araw). With these definitions as guiding pillars, this magazine aims to empower its readers to elevate their everyday living and go about with radiating confidence and flair. 


The word "araw" also hints at the magazine’s warm aesthetic. Its photographic style is bold and eye-catching while its overall composition is clean and inviting. Its minimalist and asymmetrical layout gives the publication an overall elevated and sophisticated feel, allowing the magazine's visuals to be cohesive with its content.

Editorial Design


Article: Stephanie Davoli, Fashion Magazine

Photography: Mr. Haque

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